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  • Sideways 2019

    SP-Collectable - - Racer/Sideways


    Hello, First test last friday to club SP. Best rgds Mr Saioni

  • Wie geht es weiter???

    SP-Collectable - - Racer/Sideways


    you should also consider that it is not possible to make 100% of products in europe because certain costs are completely crazy. And in the end consumers will not buy the product. We already had a discussion on the french forum on this problem. One person answered very well. The French customer is not happy that AMAZON does not pay tax but AMAZON sells more and more everyday in France because prices are lower .... And you must also agree that Europe also means Eastern Soviet countries.

  • Hello, there is no surprise , we did not hide the fact that the black carbon version would come with a fast motor. Lot of people cryed because we put a 17.00 rpm and now lot of people like this motor....and now other people cry because i put a 21 to a limited edition. For me this edition has made known our racing engine for big track and german shops can sell a new product now and win money with. For information all next cars versions come only with bbraptor Best Rgds mr Saioni

  • hello, as this product is not a product from racer silverline and sideways, is it possible for a moderator to put to other category ? to avoid confusion and controversy about the problems of this new brand thank Mr Saioni

  • Wie geht es weiter???

    SP-Collectable - - Racer/Sideways


    Hello, This year has taken a lot of time (rims, braids, cables, pinion, axle, product maintenance .....) because before 2018 we had not very much of reference in this area, we have worked well, the catalog is big now GT3 Deplus we finally produced a product from A to Z without the help of the slot it factory. Now we are completely independent on our GT3 products and we can produce cars in France. Big succes for me because I think that is not possible. Regarding the devellopement 3d, there is not…

  • Hello, Guter Abend, Bonsoir sorry to write in french i think tomorrow i can translate the text. Je suis le propriétaire de la marque Racer Slot Car - Silverline - Sideways. je viens de découvrir cette nouvelle voiture , merci à vous pour les photos.... Je viens de parler avec Mr Marco Montrasio qui était l'ancien propriétaire de Racer Slot Car Silverline Sideways avec Mr Fabrizio Mella. Pour rappel Mr Montrasio travail toujours avec nous dans le développement des décorations des voitures groupe …

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  • Quote from “Kann mir wer bitte das Getriebe bestätigen, den meine Lieferung kommt erst. 11:28, stimmt das? ” Hello, please don't panic , germany will receive LB h GT3 GREEN soon. I don't want keep exclusivity for me.... But need time for transport and preparation of order... All group 5 car is done by me. Since first capri to last lancia stratos and now lb H Gt3. I think lot of shops are happy with sideways products. We work for continue series groupe 5 with more cars and i hop…

  • Quote from “Quote from SP-Collectable: “Quote from Benzinvorsteher: “Hello Chris Does the Lambo also appear as a white kit? ” yes, first release will be a white kit ” White or black Kit? ” white

  • Quote from Benzinvorsteher: “Hello Chris Does the Lambo also appear as a white kit? ” yes, first release will be a white kit


  • hi, thank for message. Very fantastic week end. you can see me here and after 10hours i'm red 170626124634349872.jpg i have speak with 5 Teams, all teams are very happy by quality of reproduction of car. All team say it's really fantastic. Grasser Racing 2 cars - Raton Racing 1 cars - Attempto 2 cars - Barwell Motorsport 2 cars - Lazarus 1 car Grasser Racing: Say no problem for reproduction and propose me to send me Vectorial files (logo...) Raton Racing: Say no problem for reproduction and prop…

  • Quote from slotmike: “Der Grasser Racing fährt am 23. Juni in Paul Ricard - oder ihr packt da mal einige Modelle ein, dazu Rotwein, Käse und Weißbrot und redet mal mit dem Rennteam vor Ortyes ” I live near the circuit (25 minutes). My intention was to go see the teams on the day of the race. For have deal and authorization for future officiel decoration. Best Rgds Chris

  • Hello, it's really hard to have complete explication here and i have an approximative english so i do my best... This car is not lambo because lambo don't can approve licence , i have already spoke for this. Lambo can't give licence for "tuning car" (it's a answer from lambo department licence). Cars was buy by Teams .... We can't write or use lamborghini logo or put name to packaging or cardboard because if you use logo on packaging you can deceive the customers. Customers can say " i buy a off…

  • Quote from slotmike: “die 60€ sind schon "schön" gerechne kalkuliert man vernünftig und hat im evtl. Schadensfall auch die Rücklieferung dem Kunden zu erstatten, bringst Geld mit wegen 2x Versand rechnet man sich einen kleinen Bonus ein liegt man eher bei 62 - 65€ habe den neuen SW53 gerade mal von unten angesehen - definitiv ist der noch komplett in China gebaut (vermutliich ja im gleichen Werk wo Slotit fertigt) alter Flat6 Motor und die halbe Stützstrutur aus Lexan wie bei den Slotit Modellen…

  • Vulcanslot

    SP-Collectable - - Diverse


    Hello, We have here 50 pcs of Vulcan Slot Cars. And impossible to sell 1. So we decided to stop selling this product. ---- just for inform distributors , shops or customers ....: Dear Customer: Defective slot cars are replenished as quickly as possible, we had a problem in quality control . When proceed due to have the shipment send the transport agency to prepare and return the defective merchandise to our stores . Vulcan Slot Natalia Gisbert -------- Best Rgds Chris SP-Collectable