Skinny D124 U.S.A. (1.4 x 7.3 meters)

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    • Skinny D124 U.S.A. (1.4 x 7.3 meters)

      Hello my German speaking friends!

      Two months ago I was captivated by a series of YouTube D124 racing videos. On a whim I purchased the "Double Victory" set, some extra R2 curves, and a stack of used straights from eBay, with the intention to play temporarily on the basement carpet.

      I enjoyed the small layout for a time, expanded it a bit, but this has created some problems.

      First problem is that this space was originally used for storage; everything that was here, furniture, boxes, etc... was pushed elsewhere into the basement. While I enjoy having the track for meditation in these difficult times, I dislike having stacks of junk and unused furniture piled up in my home office.

      Second problem is that after a couple weeks and thousands of laps on the carpet, I developed neck pain from looking down at the carpet and swinging my neck back and forth. I had to stop. I picked up the layout and put it in boxes.

      The obvious solution is to build a table. I can store all the junk under the table and eliminate the clutter that was created by carpet racing. However, with the addition of extra cars and controllers, the project has already reached the outside budget limit.

      The available space is long and narrow. The "table" will be just wide enough for a full 180* R2 with borders. (The design may be able to hang over the edge of the table in some spaces.)

      I have been trying to develop the courage to build this. Multiple times I have gone to Home Depot with the intention to buy the wood, but never pulled the trigger. The price of wood is currently astronomical. (A 2x4 stud is around $6 or nearly twice what it cost a few years ago.) To put this in perspective, the table will cost about the same as a new 55" smart TV or a nice setup for iRacing.


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    • Longbow wrote:

      the project has already reached the outside budget limit.
      Now, you got the virus, like all of us here at freeslotter. :D
      Gruß Stefan

      Ich leide nicht unter Geltungssucht, möchte einfach nur weiterhelfen... :rolleyes:
    • The project is underway! Procured wood for the table.

      The design for the table is complete, but I'm undecided on the height. I have been thinking knee height is the appropriate height for this table. Because the table is narrow, a low table will enable a farther reach across to the back to retrieve cars. Most driving will be while seated, so I don't see any advantage to a higher table, besides more storage underneath.

      I chose particle board for the table top, because in 3/4" thickness it is much less expensive than plywood or OSB, it is more uniform(flat), and it seems to resist bending which is important if several inches of the top overhang the base.

      Also, the particle board has more mass so it should reverberate less and create less noise while driving.

    • I'd highly recomment to put felt or thin sheets of xps or foam underneath the track, this will tremendously reduce the noise level in your basement.

      Your layout looks fun, I like long straights.
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      Sadly, it seems I have made a major blunder. The particleboard in the basement emits a nauseous level of formaldehyde gas. It was OK at first, but after about 2-3 hours, the gas became overwhelming, so I put it outside.

      I am reading that the gas can be dangerous; even if not so, the odor is so strong that I don't want it in my house. I am a fool.

      I dont know if it is dangerous. I am reading about this, and there are standards in place to limit formaldehyde in consumer MDF and particleboard products, but I don't know if this extends to building materials.

      It is outside right now; if it rains I suppose my project will be ruined.
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      ClemensT wrote:

      Interesting. I thought they stopped using formaldehyde in particle boards. But seems like they didn't in the states. I doubt that cou can trap the gas with paint.
      There are limits set by the EPA, but there is no telling if they are followed. There was no SDS for the wood and it smelled noxious.

      I took back the particleboard and replaced with melamine. (Melamine is sealed particle board.)
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      :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
      Gruß Stefan

      Ich leide nicht unter Geltungssucht, möchte einfach nur weiterhelfen... :rolleyes:
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      Did some more work this weekend. Structure is complete. There is a small alcove on the left side where I used some scrap wood to extend the table.